Build a Powerful Charitable Giving Network.

DonorBOO$T™ is a powerful charitable giving program that harnesses the true power of the community - local businesses,  consumers, and charitable organizations - to help boost donations for your cause.  Whether you're a small charity or large foundation, our program can help support your mission and grow your donor base with our powerful fundraising & networking tools.

Boost Donations for your Cause.

Once you register for our DonorBOO$T™ program, you will be able to:

  • Build a Charitable Referral System

  • Streamline your donation collection process

  • Get discounted processing rates for registered 501(c)(3)s

  • Utilize our powerful fundraising tools

  • Earn a monthly gift back to your charity or cause.

  • Receive strategic guidance for continuous growth

TradeWinds Resorts on St.Pete Beach- Academy Prep Donation
TradeWinds Resorts on St.Pete Beach- Academy Prep Donation
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For almost 30 years, our mission has been aiding the success of non-profit organizations by providing essential business services. educational resources, and excellent customer service. In that time, we are proud to say that we have been able to partner with thousands of charitable organizations to help lower their fees on donation processing, increase their monthly contributions, and raise over 140 million dollars for our charitable giving programs.

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