About DonorBOO$T

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Our Team

For almost 30 years, our mission has been aiding the success of non-profit organizations by providing essential business solutions, educational resources, and excellent customer service. In that time, we are proud to say that we have been able to partner with thousands of charitable organizations to help lower their fees on donation processing, increase their monthly contributions, and raise over 140 million dollars from our charitable giving programs.

With DonorBOO$T,  we strive to do more than just to be another service provider, but to make a real difference in our community that we serve. Our goal is to be a true partner in cultivating success and longevity with every organization we service. Together, we believe we can change the world for the better and build stronger communities one transaction at a time.

Kurt T Schneider, CEO
Marie Jones, Office Manager
Little Kev
Kevin Fagan, Senior Systems Administrator
Jordan Gist, Product Specialist
Nancy McCoy, Tech Support
Kevin Jackman, Software Specialist
Giovanni Luciano, Tech Support
Jon Micklow, Marketing Specialist