Success Stories

How do you measure the success of a giving program?

With DonorBOO$T™, our success is measured in the impact we make in our communities that we serve. This is why our mission is to provide local businesses and non-profit organizations with the best fundraising tools and resources needed to grow your donor circle.  Today, we are proud to say that with the help of our clients, partners, and donors; we have been able to raise more than 140 Million Dollars for our charitable giving programs.

TradeWinds Resorts on St.Pete Beach- Academy Prep Donation

“I recently switched to Gulf Management Systems for my payment activities - their solutions work well and are very inexpensive. Gulf also has a program called DonorBOO$T whereby a charitable organization can get on get ongoing donations when they recommend business to GMS for payment processing. It’s a great win-win!”

— Alan P. Johnson Event Director - St Pete Beach Classic

Below are some of our local partners and clients:


“Gulf Management Systems has helped us to reduce our internal costs related to payment processing, whether we’re selling raffle tickets or taking online donations for our program. They’ve also opened our eyes to creative and productive fundraising tools that we didn’t even know existed. I’d recommend GMS to any for-profit or non-profit company because they’re the real deal.”

— Rick Waltman, OGA Executive Director- The First Tee of St Petersburg.